Return of the Pink Panther!

Remember the movies with Peter Sellers, and the absolutely unforgettable dialogues? e.g.

Aishwarya Rai and Steve Martin in Pink PantherInspector Jacques Clouseau: Stop browbeating her! Can’t you see she is sexy?


Mrs. Leverlilly: You’ve ruined that piano!
Clouseau: What is the price of one piano compared to the terrible crime that’s been committed here?
Mrs. Leverlilly: But that’s a priceless Steinway!
Clouseau: Not anymore!

Or even Steve Martin in his two outings as Clouseau, with the last one with Aishwarya Rai as the thief?

But, my post is not about the movies. It is about diamonds, jewellery and heists in the last three years. This post is about crime. Did you even notice these items which appeared in newspapers in a somewhat insignificant manner? No? Here they are starting with the latest.

  • March 11,2015: Robbers steal jewels worth millions in France heist. Some $9.54million worth jewels stolen by armed people at a motorway toll on a French highway. Read more
  • February 19, 2013: Brussels Airport diamond heist. Eight masked and armed gunmen, dressed as policemen stole some $50million worth diamonds from a Fokker 100 on the apron of Brussels airport.Read more
  • July 29, 2013: Carlton, Cannes heist. Lone gunman stole some $136 million worth of gemstones and watches from a poorly guarded private salon and a room. Read more
  • February 15, 2003: Antwerp Diamond heist. Theft of loose diamonds, gold and other jewellery worth more than $100 million. Read more
Embed from Getty Images

There have been a bunch more, including a theft in Hong Kong, but that seems to be a different bunch. The four mentioned above are sort of similar in nature to an extent. Perhaps the Carlton one was somewhat different as well. France has had heists of this nature happening about a dozen times in a year usually; but the frequency seems to have dropped to about 3-4 in the past some years. Criminologists get befuddled by the elaborateness of the plans of these heists and in most cases the thieves have not been apprehended. For the larger heists, the score is zero from the police. It is being said that the latest one and a bunch of others might have been the handiwork of an international network called Pink Panther.

Check the similarity in all the larger heists. They catch the loot either in transit, or when unattended. Getaway vehicles are torched  quickly. The second rung of getaway vehicles disperse in different directions. Armed to the teeth, but not a shot fired, not one casualty. Criminologists say that the Pink Panthers do not usually hit trucks. But then, given the success that the law has had so far, they really have not much real clue, do they?

If you thought the series of Ocean’s Eleven (and the other two ) were complete figments of imagination, think again. Each of these movies were unique, extremely complicated and one never really saw other movies of this nature come out. Now, if you connect the dots…


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