Mentos isn’t that great – dimag ki batti nahi jalegi!

Dimag ki batti jala de? Don’t know about that, but the fact that Mentos is clearly targeting children as a large set of consumers is certainly worrying. Mentos has regular commercial spots in cartoon channels which are viewed by children of all ages across the country.

In case you are not that familiar with Mentos, it is a brand of mints (of the scotch mint type) and is marketed by Perfetti Van Melle International. These oblate spheroids with a crunchy exterior and chewy interior were first made in the Netherlands in the ’50s and now are sold across the world in various types of packaging. Till the time that Singapore had chewing gum banned, Mentos remained a rather popular substitute.

Nutritionally speaking, its a rather poor food though it provides some energy without too much calories. The original Mentos mint roll has 10 calories per mint with no protein, 2.5 g carbohydrates, 2 g sugar and negligible amounts of fat and sodium. But per piece of candy, it has rather a large amount of sugar. Mentos now is also made sugar free. The sugar free variety has is sweetened using aspartame, which is uniformly known to be harmful for adults and children. The list of side-effects of aspartame is indeed long, and certainly not the kind of chemical that you would want your children to be introduced to.

Do you still believe Mentos lights up your child’s brain?


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