Kaati Zone – (Part 2)

So here’s the second part of my post about Kaati Zone,  and the advent of quick service restaurants in the country.  My last post was more around what Kaati Zone is and where they are located, and what they serve and how new and innovative their assortment set is. This one will be slightly different 🙂

Kaati Zone (interiors)

Kaati Zone - Church Street, Bangalore

Though I quite like what KZ offers, they still have some things to sort (not in any particular order):

1. Atmosphere /Ambience : KZ has two / three types of format.  The sit down type (as in Church Street), or counter based in shared space. The latter would be in airports, or in food courts adjoining office complexes where KZ operates a counter and seating is common in the food court. My crib is about the former. I would consider their Church Street store to be their flagship store since it is in a very high visibility area.

  • The place is neat, clean and cold (as opposite to warm, as in emotion).  As you walk by the place, there is nothing in the store that beckons you, or welcomes you. Hard tiled floors, plasticky decor and sometimes an individual behind the self service counter. Not enough!
  • I have never ever seen more than one table, besides mine, being occupied. Regardless of time that I have passed by or entered. And its brightly lit, so very visible. Doesn’t work well to attract people.
  • There are two TV screens which play the usual non-descript something or the other. More often than not, one of the screens is switched off. The music which plays is again rather non-descript western music. IMHO, The music , the type of expected clientele and the food do not go along together. How about just playing one of the multi-lingual FM channels?
  • Lighting (as I mentioned earlier) is bright, and white. Not enough warmth, there either.

2. Pinching the penny:

  • Example 1 – The packet in which the roll is served is hard paper, which you can sort of spiral tear as you eat the roll. Surely, it costs a bit to produce that packet. Though designed well, it does not tear well. Also, unless the food that you ordered is to go, one does not need this type of paper packaging. Branded butter paper (or something of that sort) would do very easily. The current packaging has parts of the menu written on it; wrong place. No one reads that.  The package also mentions the duration required to re-heat in a microwave. Well, I can’t possibly stick paper into the microwave. That implies that the package is a waste even for a take away which is going to someone’s home (or at least to a place where re-heating is possible). How about a plastic tube, which can be heat sealed at the store? Just the packaging itself will save money.
  • Example 2 – The sides are served in boxes, which are way larger than the content would ever need. Designed almost for a largish burger really. Wasted, I thought. Have you seen those paper boat type things that fries are often served in many other fast food places? That is what is required here. Will save money, again!

3. Availability: In most cases, I eat at the KZ counter near where I work.  And almost never have I been able to procure a lite or a diet paratha (as mentioned on the menu). That is a bit of a bummer! Though honestly, a lite paratha with something which is not really low calorie does not make that much sense anyways.  Quite like the double cheese, large fries and the diet Coke!

I do honestly believe that KZ has a good offering, and I would love to take a franchise (if I had the money) and I can think of five different locations where it will do very well, but they need to set some things right.


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