Kaati Zone – advent of the Indian quick service restaurant (Part 1)

Of course, you have seen (and probably eaten) at McDonald’s, Baskin Robbins, Donut Baker and so many other non-Indian quick service eateries already. The model works, its proven. There are some Indian players getting into the game as well, and food chains are starting to spread. However, most of these are rather city specific – Naturals ice cream (primarily Mumbai), Bittoo Tikki Wala (in Delhi) and one or two more. The only other company which does have a national presence is Haldiram (and their run off the mill, non-descript chaats).Okay, Shaanthi Sagar and Shiv Sagar excluded.

Kaati Zone (KZ) is sort of the new player in the market. They (if you have not been to one yet) serve kaathi rolls (kebabs, eggs etc wrapped in a paratha), parathas etc. Good assortment, and a positive move away from the standard and boring. Especially works in places other than in north of India, where kebab rolls are found in dives only. Kaati Zone is based (with its franchise model) in Bangalore primarily, and has two outlets in Mumbai.  The founders did find a pretty empty market segment to enter and offer a good product line. Their two serious competitors, I guess, are Tibbs and other frankie makers in Mumbai and the dives that I mentioned above on a large scale. Of course, you have the Nizam’s and the usual kebabchis. But, you don’t get kebab rolls with cheese, or kebab rolls on a diet (or lite) paratha, chicken fingers, deep fried chicken spheres, a few types of parathas, fries all in the same place.

What works beautifully for KZ is also the fact that it does not have to manifest itself always as a sit down place, but would be a take away (or delivery) very easily. Most of their locations are really that type, in office complexes, at airports where people want to really want quick service. But making a friend paratha kebab roll can’t be as quick as pre-made burgers lying under warm lamps, agreed!

The environs are always clean, service is polite, the food is good! What more could you ask for? Actually quite a bit…but I will let you think about it a bit (and go eat a kebab roll ), and read all that in the second part of this post. Meanwhile, why don’t you write in with your comments about Kaati Zone?

To be continued…


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