Getting it right – Part II

French loaf pricing

Jumbled up pricing at French Loaf

The last post in the “Getting it right” series was on passing the promotions to the POS. This one is even more basic, and is on basic pricing!

How about getting the basic pricing right?

Here is another one for your amusement. This is at the bakery chain called The French Loaf. They have at least four stores in Bangalore, and may be a few more in other cities. There was a reference to Chennai in a conversation, so maybe a few there too.

We happened to pick a box of cookies (see picture) and asked for some coffee. The box, you will notice mentions that Rs 56 is the price of the item (including all taxes). So far so good. When we received the bill, it mentioned Rs 50 as the price of the item and a 12.5% VAT added. And therein lies the discrepancy. The price of the item (including tax) now was Rs 56.25. A minor difference of 25 paise, no doubt but a discrepancy all the same. Upon asking, the store manager mentioned that the pricing in the POS arrives from the central upload in Chennai (and hence the reference to this city, above) and they can not really do much about this.


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